Saturday, 20 June 2015

The rest of the Climate Change Denial course

I know when I’m beaten.

I now know 97% of climate scientists are polar bears.

The temperature outside is really 100 billion degrees. “Big oil” and “big coal” have conspired with “big thermometers” to fool me into thinking it’s cold outside this morning.

An it’s all my fault.It’s worse than originally thought. It’s happening now.

Our only hope is to turn over all my belongings and control of the Earth to Al Gore.  Now before it’s too late.  Woops.  It’s already too late.  It’s much worse than originally thought.

Quick! More funding!

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but it does seem more than coincidental that since the course started I’ve had two fillings and seven teeth pulled. (An alternative hypothesis for the dental dramas could be that I missed a few of my six-monthly dental checks.  About 40 of them. In a row.)

The course was propaganda dressed up as slick science education. The main man was a chap called John Cook who published the results of a survey claiming the famous “97% consensus” nonsense.

The survey and subsequent analysis, like his course, was flawed, and aimed at “proving” the dangerous global warming idea. His methods have been refuted in the journal of Science and Education and elsewhere.

He claimed that he examined the abstracts of 11,944 scientific papers and that 97% of them said than warming since 1950 was predominantly caused by humans.

In reality, only 41 or 0.3% did. Most made no comment one way or the other. Like a good climate scientist, Cook discarded the data that didn’t agree with his hypothesis. Also, the paper dealt with papers, not scientists, but that’s just a detail, right?

Oh, and nobody mentioned “dangerous”, despite what President Obama tweeted. (Yes, I know it wasn’t actually him.  Somebody runs the Twitter account for him. His name carries a bit of weight, though. So does the Pope’s.  More about that later.)

Read about it here, if you want.

So the Australian taxpayer has funded a wildly expensive propaganda exercise whose aim is to end discussion about the wild claims of climate alarmists. Not much of a bargain, in my opinion.

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