Monday, 27 April 2015

‘O’ week’s almost over

When my oldest went off to university he told me all the fun things that happened during ‘O’ week (Orientation week).  Apparently beer drinking was a skill the college master feared the students might be lacking.

My ‘O’ week, of course, applies to the University of Queensland’s course Making Sense of Climate Denial that’s due to start tomorrow.

My own climate explorations might have to be put aside for the next seven weeks while I learn at the feet of the masters.

There’s links to the course site on my main page. One of the lecturers.John Cook of “97% consensus” fame, proposes Inoculating for climate denial. You can read his article by following the link.

The course’s Facebook page is here: Making sense of climate change denial.

I’ll post a weekly wrap up of our activities.

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